Phoenix - August 2017

(August 2017)

Originally Published: August 2017

2017 Best of the Valley

Alice Cooper

1. Best Sexagenarian Rocker

"Retired rocker"? Not by a damn sight. The pride of Cortez High released his 27th career long-play, Paranormal, this year.

2. Highest-Profile Philanthropist

With the demise of the great Muhammad Ali and his patronage of Celebrity Fight Night, Cooper becomes the dean of Valley charity-craft. Endeavors include the Christmas Pudding show, numerous golf fundraisers and The Rock Teen Center.

3. Best Classic Rock Radio Show

We try to stay away from nationaly franchises and syndicated products in BOV, but since Nights with Alice Cooper is produced here, we'll give him a mulligan. Besides, his humorous rock reminiscences on the show are golden.