"A lotta people used to turn up expecting a girl folk singer - nice soft little name, Alice Cooper - then when it comes on, it's really tough. It comes on chrome and streamlined and loud - it's totally opposite to the name. It's turned the name around; now when people hear Alice Cooper, they think of a tough old broad. Bette Davis or someone."

(Alice Cooper, Frendz, 1971)

I love Alice Cooper. I love the music. It's real rock 'n' roll. It's full of fun ideas. It's always had a clear character and plot, and my parents could never understand it.

Penn Jullette, Penn & Teller

Recent Releases

Hollywood Vampires debut album

A new band, and album, featuring our very own Alice Cooper, along with Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Includes a massive list of guest stars, including Paul McCartney, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Brian Johnson, Robby Krieger, Christopher Lee and many more...

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Muscle of Love Audio Fidelity

Audio Fidelity have done it again, this time with a quadrophonic 4.0 channel mix of the original bands' last album, Muscle of Love (1973).

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Release Schedule

Keep up to date with the latest Alice Cooper releases - physical and virtual releases of music, reading material, and visual aids.

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Hollywood Vampires debut album

Alice Cooper Live from the Astroturf

The Original Alice Cooper Group

Live at Good Records, Dallas, TX October 5th, 2015

I'm Eighteen / Is It My Body

In 2015 the remaining members of the Alice Cooper group reformed for a live performance in support of Dennis Dunaway's book Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in The Alice Cooper Group. Ryan Roxie, guitarist with Alice's current touring band, filled in for the late Glen Buxton.

On Black Friday (November 25th) Good Records will be releasing two tracks from this historic performance as a LIMITED edition 7" single. Only 2500 copies will be pressed on colored vinyl in a shrink-wrapped gatefold foil board jacket with hype sticker, metallic ink stamped numbered, 6 bonus 5"x7" double sided art prints, printed inner sleeve and double sided credits insert. The deluxe release will come pressed with a number of different colored vinyl variations: white vinyl, pink vinyl, black vinyl, and a very limited edition of 100 copies on pink & white split vinyl with autographed art prints by the 4 surviving original members. This is a release you will NOT want to miss.

Only available in the US. Find it at your local record store.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Oct. 31

Alice Cooper will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on October 31st, 2016. Broadcast on ABC at 11:35ET, the band will perform an outdoor mini concert for this Halloween episode.

Dynamite Comics

Dynamite Comics

With two series of comics under their belt - Alice Cooper (2014-15), and Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos (2015-16) - and a deluxe re-issue of The Last Temptation graphic novel, Dynamite live up to their name - where Alice comics are concerned!

Alice on Vinyl

Raise you turntable from the dead with these newly available vinyl releases and re-releases. Check them out...

Unfinished Sweets

Delve into the amazing sounding Alice projects that never quite got off the ground, and are left for dead. Explore the projects...

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