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The following is a comprehesive tour date archive including tour dates from the pre-Alice Cooper era through to Alice's most current tour. Ticket Stubs and Posters are displayed where possible.

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Welcome To My Nightmare 1975 - 1977

Welcome To My Nightmare Tour 1975 - 1977

The Welcome To My Nightmare Tour began in Spring of 1975 and ended up continuing until 1977 when Alice took the show to Australia and New Zealand. There had been plans to put on a show for the Goes to Hell album in 1976, but this was cancelled due to health problems Alice was suffering - most likely brought on by the grueling schedule for the previous year's tour and worsening drink problem.

The Welcome... tour became the second Alice Cooper tour to be professional filmed and released commercially to theatres. Titled Welcome To My Nightmare it was filmed at the Wembley Empire Pool in London, England during his two night stint there; the 11th and 12th of September, 1975. Welcome... continued where the Billion Dollar Babies tour left off - going a step closer towards a full blown broadway theatrical production unlike anything seen on the rock stage.

At the time of its staging, the latest Alice extravaganza received a lot of favorable media coverage. Thankfully, we have more than just this coverage to look to when visualizing the tour - we have the concert film. The show itself was pretty complex, being a visual representation of the concept album of the same name. The story takes place in a nightmare world where Steven battles for his soul.

The elaborate travelling stage set included a large gothic looking bed in the center of the stage to represent the dreaming Steven in his nightmare world. Steven's toy box is at the side of his bed with all his toys inside, as well as the dancers who would often appear from the box. There were huge pillars on either side of the bed, which would at one point in the show support an over-sized spider web for the performance of Devil's Food and The Black Widow. And, at the height of the show the bed would slide back and a large split screen was raised. Upon the screen a movie was projected. Alice and the dancers were on the screen and then would emerge with precession timing through the screen onto the stage. This very impressive spectacle was revived for the Hey Stoopid tour of 1991. There were a number of dancers who would perform in varying roles: skeletons, spiders, giant Cyclops's, and Sheryl Goddard, who would later become Sheryl Cooper, played the ballerina role for Only Women Bleed. The touring band (Dick Wagner, Steven Hunter, Prakash John, Whitey Glan) were behind the elaborate set for most of the show.

I Never Cry was added to the set during the Australian and New Zealand leg of the tour.


Love It To Death (1971):

I'm Eighteen

School's Out (1972):

School's Out

Billion Dollar Babies (1973):

No More Mr Nice Guy / Billion Dollar Babies

Welcome To My Nightmare (1975):

Welcome To My Nightmare / Years Ago / Some Folks / Cold Ethyl / Only Women Bleed / Devil's Food / Black Widow / Steven / Escape / Department Of Youth

Alice Cooper Goes To Hell (1976):

I Never Cry

1975 March

21: USA - Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan
24: USA - LC Walker Sports Arena, Muskegon, Michigan
25: USA - Brown County Arena, Green Bay, Wisconsin
27: USA - Roberts Stadium, Evansville, Indiana
28: USA - IMA Auditorium, Flint, Michigan
29: USA - Erie County Fieldhouse, Erie, Pennsylvania
with Suzi Quatro

1975 April

01: USA - Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro
03: USA - Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana [CANCELLED] [Ticket]
04: USA - Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio
with Suzi Quatro
05: USA - Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan
with Suzi Quatro
06: USA - Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro
08: USA - Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro. SOLD OUT
10: USA - Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
11: USA - Civic Coliseum, Roanoke, Virginia [Ticket]
12: USA - Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina
13: USA - Omni, Atlanta, Georgia
with Suzi Quatro
17: USA - Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, Florida [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro
18: USA - Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida
with Suzi Quatro
20: USA - Scope, Norfolk, Virginia
with Suzi Quatro
24: USA - Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland
with Suzi Quatro
25: USA - Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
with Suzi Quatro
26: USA - Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
27: USA - Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut
with Suzi Quatro
29: USA - Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana
with Suzi Quatro

1975 May

01: USA - Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse, New York [Ticket]
02: Canada - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro
03: Canada - Civic Center, Ottawa [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro
04: USA - International Convention Center, Niagara Falls, New York [Ticket]
05: USA - Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
14: USA - Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri
15: USA - Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri
16: USA - Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas [Ticket | Poster]
17: USA - Assembly Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
18: USA - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas [Ticket 1 | Ticket 2]
21: USA - Civic Auditorium Coliseum, Knoxville, Tennessee
22: USA - Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro
23: USA - Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
24: USA - Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama
25: USA - Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee [Ticket]
26: USA - Omni, Atlanta, Georgia [Ticket]
27: USA - Freedom Hall Civic Center, Johnson City, Tennessee [Ticket]
28: USA - Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama
29: USA - Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, Arkansas
30: USA - Hirsh Memorial Coliseum, Shreveport, Louisiana
31: USA - Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1975 June

01: USA - Civic Center, Amarillo, Texas
05: USA - Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, Louisiana
06: USA - Mississippi Coliseum, Jackson, Mississippi [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro
07: USA - City Park Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
with Suzi Quatro
08: USA - Moody Coliseum, Dallas, Texas
12: USA - Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield, California
13: USA - Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California [Ticket]
Support Suzi Quatro cancelled this show
14: USA - Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona
15: USA - Selland Arena, Fresno, California
17: USA - Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles, California
Audio exists
18: USA - Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles, California [Ticket]
20: USA - Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon [Poster | Ticket]
Audio exists
21: USA - Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington
22: USA - Coliseum, Spokane, Washington
23: Canada - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia [Ticket]
with Suzi Quatro. Alice fell from the stage breaking several ribs and injuring his head.
26: Canada - Coliseum, Edmonton, Alberta
28: USA - Metropolitan Sports Arena, Minneapolis, Minnesota
29: USA - Civic Center, Omaha, Nebraska

1975 July

02: Canada - Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg
Audio exists
03: USA - Arena Auditorium, Duluth, Minnesota
04: USA - Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, Iowa
06: USA - Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, New Jersey [Ticket]
09: USA - Capitol Centre, Landover, Maryland [Ticket | Advert]
with Roy Buchanan, James Gang
10: USA - Farm Show Arena, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
11: USA - Civic Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12: USA - Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, New Jersey
with Johnny Winter, Leslie West, and James Gang
13: Canada - Forum, Montreal, Canada
15: USA - Broome County Veterans Arena, Binghamton, New York
16: USA - Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Audio exists
27: USA - Louisiana Forum, Los Angeles, California

1975 August

31: Sweden - Gruna Lund, Stockholm
Audio exists

1975 September

01: Sweden - Scandinavium, Gothenburg
03: Denmark - Falkoner Theater, Copenhagen
04: Germany - Stadhalle, Bremen
05: Germany - Sporthalle, Bublingen, Stuttgart
06: Germany - Open Air Festival, Radstadium, Ludwigshafen
with Status Quo and UFO
07: Austria - Stadthalle, Vienna
Audio exists
08: Germany - Cirkus Krone, Munchen
11: UK - Empire Pool, Wembley, London [Ticket 1 | Ticket 2]
Filmed for use in the Welcome To My Nightmare film.
12: UK - Empire Pool, Wembley, London [Ticket]
Filmed for use in the Welcome To My Nightmare film.
14: UK - Liverpool Empire, Liverpool, England
16: France - La Vilette, Paris
17: Belgium - Sportpaleis, Antwerpen
19: Germany - Ernst Menk, Hamburg [CANCELLED]
20: Germany - Westhaller, Bortmund [CANCELLED]

1975 December

13: USA - Sahara Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Opening night included a guest appearance by Vincent Price
14: USA - Sahara Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
15: USA - Sahara Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
16: USA - Sahara Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
17: USA - Sahara Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
18: USA - Sahara Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

1976 August

17: USA - Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

Not part of the Welcome To My Nightmare tour but here for historic purposes. Alice - along with Divine, Billie Jean King, Kiki Dee and the New York Community Choir - appears and performs during the encore of Elton John's concert appearance.

1977 March

14: Australia - Entertainment Centre, Perth
15: Australia - Entertainment Centre, Perth
18: Australia - Westlakes Football Stadium, Adelaide [Ticket 1 | Ticket 2]
21: Australia - Festival Hall, Melbourne [Ticket]
22: Australia - Festival Hall, Melbourne
23: Australia - Festival Hall, Melbourne
Audio exists
24: Australia - Festival Hall, Melbourne
26: Australia - Showground Arena, Sydney [Ticket]

40,000 people were in attendence, breaking the Australian record at this time

29: Australia - Festival Hall, Brisbane
30: Australia - Festival Hall, Brisbane
31: Australia - Festival Hall, Brisbane

1977 April

04: New Zealand - Western Springs Stadium, Auckland