Tour Dates

The following is a comprehesive tour date archive including tour dates from the pre-Alice Cooper era through to Alice's most current tour. Ticket Stubs and Posters are displayed where possible.

If you know of a concert appearance by Alice that is missing from this collection of dates, please contact me with the details. I'm also always looking for scans of ticket stubs and posters...

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Mad House Rock 1979

Mad House Rock Tour 1979

Songs Performed

Love It To Death (1971):

I'm Eighteen / Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Killer (1971):

Dead Babies

School's Out (1972):

School's Out

Billion Dollar Babies (1973):

Billion Dollar Babies / No More Mr Nice Guy

Welcome To My Nightmare (1975):

Welcome To My Nightmare / Only Women Bleed

Alice Cooper Goes To Hell (1976):

I Never Cry

From The Inside (1978):

From The Inside / Serious / Nurse Rozetta / Quiet Room / Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills / How You Gonna See Me Now / Inmates (We're All Crazy)

Non-Album Track(s):

All Strapped Up

1979 February

11: USA - Field House, GrandForks, North Dakota
13: USA - Civic Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska
14: USA - Dane County Arena, Madison, Wisconsin
16: USA - Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan
17: USA - Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan [Ticket]
18: USA - Roberts Municipal Auditorium, Evansville, Indiana
19: USA - Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri
21: USA - Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio [Ticket | Advert]
with The Babys
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23: USA - Met Center, Bloomington, Minnesota
25: USA - Unidome, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Audio recording is circulating
26: USA - Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Green Bay, Wisconsin
27: USA - Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana
28: USA - Checkerdome, St. Louis, Missouri

1979 March

02: USA - Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio
03: USA - Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky [Advert | Ticket]
04: USA - International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois [Ticket]
05: USA - Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan [Ticket]
06: USA - Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Audio recording is circulating
29: USA - McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, Colorado [Ticket]
31: USA - Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California [Ticket]
Audio recording is circulating

1979 April

01: USA - LA Forum, Los Angeles, California [Ticket]
03: USA - Washington Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington
Audio recording is circulating
04: Canada - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia
08: USA - The Aladdin, Las Vegas, Nevada
09: USA - San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California
Audio recording is circulating
10: USA - Tucson Community Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona [Ticket]
11: USA - County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas [Ticket]
13: USA - Tarrant Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas
Audio recording is circulating
14: USA - Norman Center, Norman, Oklahoma [Ticket]
Audio recording is circulating
16: USA - Convention Center Arena, San Antonio, Texas [Ticket]
17: USA - Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Audio recording is circulating
18: USA - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas [Ticket | Ticket]
29: USA - Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota