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Don't Blow Your Mind

(Dennis Dunaway, Vincent Furnier)

I said one day I'd find the game
Well now you know I'm not insane
You tried to take me for a ride
Now all you feel is suicide

We're two of a kind
Take what you can find
But don't blow your mind away

You led me to another life
Of work and pain and sacrifice
I broke away from you somehow
And look who's goin' through it now

We're two of a kind
Take what you can find
But don't blow your mind away

So now you know the reason why
I'm laughing here and why you cry
'Cause you don't mean a thing no more
And I'm just like I was before

Song Information

History: A pre-Alice Cooper song. Recorded and released as a single in 1966 when the band were known as the Spiders. This song later appeared on a bootleg single called 'Battle of the Bands: The Spiders Vs. The Nazz' during the 80's. Recent official releases of the song are on the compilation album Back From The Grave Vol. 7 in 1988, and the Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper box set in 1999. An alternative version of this song was also released by Sundazed in 1998, on the Why Don't You Love Me? single release.