Alice Cooper Comics & Comic Appearances

Marvel Premiere #50 (1979)

Alice Cooper stars in "Alice Cooper From the Inside." Plot by Alice Cooper, Jim Salicrup, and Roger Stern; script by Ed Hannigan; pencils by Tonm Sutton; inks by Terry Austin.

Alice Cooper: Tales From The Inside (October 1979)

Marvel Premier USA


Marvel Premier USA


Marvel Premier UK


Rock 'n' Roll Comics (1990)

Alice Cooper (November 1990)

Rock 'n' Roll Comics

Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror [Bongo]

Issue #10 (2004)

Simpson's Tree House of Horror

Alice Cooper [Blue Water Comics]

Issue #1

Alice Cooper Blue Water

Cover A
D. A. Frizell

Alice Cooper Blue Water

Cover B
Jayfri Hashim

Alice Cooper Blue Water

Cover C
Jayfri Hashim; 100 Only