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Hit Parader - January 1998

Hit Parader
(January 1998)

Originally Published: January 1998

The Story Behind The Song

Is Anyone Home By Alice Cooper

Author: Mary Anne Cassata

It's only the second time in the legendary Alice Coopers career that he's unleasehed a live album documenting his incredible stage show. His previous 1977 effort 'The Alice Cooper Show' isn't nearly as entertaining or noteworthy as the aptly titled Fistful Of Alice which includes brand new renditions of classic favorites like 'School's Out', 'Elected', 'Only Women Bleed' 'Billion Dollar Babies' and the immortal 'Eighteen'.

"It was time to do another live record, so people could hear how alice sounds in 1997," offers the original shock rock master. "its totally different from the 1977 record. This one has much more energy." Recorded last summer at Sammy Hagars Cobo Wabo Cantina, the powerful Fistful of Alice includes on stage performances by Hagar, Slash, and Rob Zombie. 'Is Anyone Home?', the only new studio track easily ranks as future classic Cooper. "I wanted to write a song about the internet. You know the guy in the song is in a lot of trouble. There he is home on the computer-- home alone with just his mouse. He has no friends no social life. Soap Operas are his only romantic life. Its a really lonely kind of song. The internet is such a scary thing, you know. It already knows to much about us. You can find anything and anyone on the internet--"

Alice Cooper, who made his debut in 1969 proved to be more than just ahead his time. In fact he once stated that his music "helped drive a stake through the heart of the love generation". Now, 30 years later, and sick to death of comparisions to Manson. Alice still prefers writing gothic storylines to his songs. "I've always been more character driven," he sums up. "When I write songs, I try to write really good songs. I like writing concept albums the best. I write when I have something to say. I've always believed I write better when I write a concept--my lyrics are better."