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16 Magazine - February 1974

16 Magazine
(February 1974)

Originally Published: February 1974

Alice - Which Way Do You Want Him?

As every 16 reader knows there are two (at least!) Alice Coopers!

Which Alice do you dig? Do you prefer the far out, freaky, ferocious fella shown here?

Or do you like Alice sweet 'n charming (as he appears in the pix following on page 58), a regular guy surrounded by pets and plants in his plush penthouse pad?

And which is the real Alice Cooper? Not even Alice knows for sure, but keep tuned, cos 16'll keep bringing you both Alices until he makes up his mind - or you do!

Now come along as the "Sweet ‘N Charming" Alice Cooper takes you on a guided tour of the fabulous New York penthouse he lives in when not on the road. At his palatial Connecticut estate, or at his rustic Fire Island beach retreat.

Alice's private elevator has just whisked you 30 stories high into the sky over Manhattan, and you are standing in a marbled and mirrored entrance foyer. In front of you, on a heavy wooden door hangs a huge antique brass knocker. As you reach for it, the door mysteriously swings open, and a friendly voice beckons, "Hi! C'mon in - I’ve been expecting you!"

"Welcome - let me show you around my little nest! It's not completely furnished yet, but the first things I got were lots and lots of plants, which I love to have surrounding me!"

"Here's the terrace, which runs all the way around the apartment, and that adorable furry thing in my arms is Asta, my beloved Lhasa Apso!"

"A little raid on the fridge might be in order now. I've seen it stocked with more goodies, but this'll do. Melon, anyone?"

"Now for a taste of soup I've been concocting from various leftovers...Yechh!!... It definitely needs some more eye-of-newt!"

"Nothing like a stuffed shark around the house to remind us how lucky we are that we're not little fishies. I haven't named this fellow yet—any suggestions?"

"I do read your mail, usually for a couple of hours each da at the dining room table - and if you haven't written, what are you waiting for? Please write to me at P.O. Box 320, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011."

"I keep all kinds of old stuff in the closets. Here's a cunning fur wrap from the 1940's which I only wear on very special occasions. I guess this is one of them!"

"This wall unit in my bedroom is where I stash lots of my favorite things - toy animals, pinball machines, books, baubles, bangles and beads!"

"Another clutter corner of my boudoir - and here I sit under the gold records with one of my nicest roommates in my lap. However, I do kind of prefer real girls!"

"Whew - it's collapse time. This old brass bed is covered with a hand-made quilt, many pillows and - frequently - yours truly. Hope you enjoyed seeing my place, and please come back soon! And by the way, when can I visit you, hmmm?"

Alice and "Moische, Moische"

Alice Cooper arrived in Tokyo, Japan for a week's TV appearances and record promotions - and was amazed and delighted to find 5,000 fans on hand to greet him at the airport! One loyal fan managed to press through the pack and present Alice with a nine-foot boa constrictor named "Moische, Moische" - Japanese for "Hello, Hello!!"